Our Services

Mic and Board

•  Artist Development and Career Consultations
•  Demo Producer/Engineer/Planner
•  Recording Session Producer/Consultant
•  Session Musician/Vocalist
•  Arranger/Co-Writer
•  Artist Representative/Manager/Publicist/Promoter
•  Booking Agent/Tour Manager (Regional)
•  Custom/Artist Services (specific to client – RE: flyer hanging/advertising)
• Multimedia Production (Radio/Television Ads, Voice-Over,  Jingles, Video)


With all the services offered by RedCave Media, it is our PRIMARY GOAL to represent artists – as career developers, consultants and eventually the executive producer of their recording projects. We would enjoy the opportunity to help guide young bands through the recording process, help them stay on task, on budget and “assist” them (not tell them) how to make THEIR music better. Just make them feel comfortable in what may be a very stressful and pressured recording/production environment.

RedCave Media only focuses on artists within the Singer/Songwriter, Indie, Alternative Rock, Folk, Punk/Rock, Blues, or Country categories.

NOTE: As we truly love many Pop, R&B, Rap, and Hip Hop artists, we feel our lack of “hands on” experience in these genres would only be a disservice and limit their progression and development. We choose not to work with artists within these genres – not because we do not like this style of music – but because our understanding of what these artists truly need and what feeds their audience is extremely limited. We can only offer to point them in the right direction towards the many contacts we do have in those genres. We will do all we can to help match anyone we want to support with the right people who truly be helpful.


RedCave Media services are determined and provided to an artist or group based on an initial consultation with those artists and musicians needing assistance. We require that each artist or group first submit a demo (physical or online) of their work OR prepare to perform (at our first meeting or at a scheduled live performance) so we can make an accurate assessment if a relationship with us would be suitable and beneficial. After this audition, consultation and meeting we can collectively make a determination of your needs and potential and decide how we can move forward.

Similar to when an individual first chooses to retain an attorney to represent them in court, we discuss with each client our basic fees – taking into consideration their financial situation and what they can afford. We can offer many flavors of managing, producing and consulting services and are prepared to work with artists to provide the best service at the most reasonable fee. We wish to help artists not hurt or burden them financially.

We clearly realize from years of experience that struggling musicians may not always have the extra to invest. It is the first task of RedCave Media to understand and help as much as we can within these parameters.

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