Uncle Brown’s Sound

Uncle Brown's Sound

Red Cave Media’s production facility, Uncle Brown’s Sound, has been an active recording studio since January 2007.

On August 15th, 2015, Red Cave Media launched a new location in the historic Rose District on Main Street in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

This new facility opens with an “old school” recording and production philosophy. We are proud to look to Les PaulRick Hall, Sam Phillips, Seymour SteinLarry CraneSteve Albini, Mitch Easter, Tommy RamoneBrian Wilson and Ahmet Ertegun as some of our most influential mentors. The UBS team are practitioners of true creativity and capturing history. We will help produce music that protects the artist’s interest and captures their true sound and energy.

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Uncle Brown’s Sound
does not wish to make an artist sound like someone else, change their musical style or retool their sonic footprint.  We want to capture the live sound of the artist as much as possible and produce an accurate picture of who they are when performing in front of an audience. We cherish the fact that imperfections exist and do not fool ourselves or our clients into thinking that we can make them sound perfect.

OUR FIRST PRIORITY: Keeping the sound real, capturing the true soul, energy and personality of each artist, and ultimately making this energy available for their audience to digest, enjoy and always remember.

Please note, all sessions at Uncle Brown’s Sound are booked by appointment only.

The pricing structure of each session is based on a standard hourly fee but is not controlled by that number. We work with each band individually, find out their needs and establish a price that meets everyone’s satisfaction.

Please contact UBS to schedule an appointment to discuss your project and possibly book your session.

Contact Bryon Turcotte @ 918.853.5626 for more information.

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