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RedCave Media’s first priority is to design packages to serve the specific needs of our clients. We realize that each artist and group is unique and may have some tasks they need help with more than others. In our opinion it is impossible to put a price on many of the services we offer due to the unique characteristics of each artist, their career level and the volume of assistance they need.

We also seriously consider the artist’s financial situation and will create the best package at the best price before giving them something they do not really need.We prefer standard pricing when performing basis freelance services, such as demo production, engineering and content creation for web sites or promotional materials.

We have a basic pricing structure for freelance work in these areas – which is detailed below:


Artist/Non-Client Consultation: (face to face consultation/meeting)

$35.00/first hour  • $15.00/per additional 30 minute intervals

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Publicist/Promoter: (includes Press contact/telephone & email outreach, sales and basic marketing)

$30.00/hour (does not include any social media interaction or promotion)

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Booking Agent: (includes venue contact by telephone & email, scheduling, event research, and regional tour consulting)

$25.00/billable hour  • $150.00/month • $400.00/ 3 months • $800.00/6 months

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Music projects are recorded with ProTools or Logic Recording software at RedCave’s Production facility – Uncle Brown’s Sound Recording Studio – to produce a quality representation of your material.

Special pricing structures and fee arrangements can be designed for any artists.

The pricing below is the standard structure we work with to design all of our projects. Depending on the specific needs or possible challenges of our clients fees are subject to change. Be specific to your needs and challenges during your initial consultation so we can design something that will help you to become a new client. All fees can be negotiate for the right client and situation.


MINIMUM SESSION FEES: All recording session are billed at a TWO HOUR Minimum fee. This applies to all pricing structures listed below. Basically, if you request only ONE HOUR of studio time that requires us to perform a task listed under one of the categories below, you will be billed for TWO HOURS.

MINIMUM PROJECT COMMITMENTAll scheduled recording projects require a TWO SESSION per MONTH/TWO HOUR per SESSION commitment. This applies to all pricing structures listed below. Basically, to book a project that will require more than one two hour session, you will be required to commit to a MINIMUM of TWO/TWO HOUR SESSIONS during MONTH scheduled. You would be billed for 4 HOURS of session time.

(working on pre-booked session/studio time – pre-determined by artist)

$40.00/hour  •  $130.00/4 hour block  • $240.00/Full 8 hour Day Session

Music Production/Engineering: (Individual vocalists/solo artists with or without instrumentation)

$45.00/hour  •  $150.00/4 hour block • $280.00/Full 8 hour Day Session

Music Production/Engineering: (Vocal Groups/Bands with acoustic or electric instrumentation)

$50.00/hour  •  $190.00/4 hour block • $340.00/Full 8 hour Day Session

Audio Editing/Normalizing/Processing/Mastering: (All Clients)

$55.00/hour  •  $500.00/Full 10 hour Block Session (Minimum)

Voice Production/Readings/Voice-Overs/Narrations: (Non-Musical)

$55.00/hour  •  $200.00/4 hour block • $380.00/Full 8 hour Day Session

Note:  If a full-length recording project is needed, we advise that the group or artist schedule a consultation/planning session to organize and carefully plan the project. Short demo sessions are provided for artists that may need a quick, quality recording for booking purposes or to plan a larger project.

When booking demo sessions for solo artists it is assumed that the artist will accompany themselves with an instrument (usually a guitar or piano). If the creation of music tracks (based on an original composition), live accompaniment, or a studio musician services are needed, additional charges will apply. (see “Session Musician” and “Music Arranging/Composition/Tracks”)

The services below are based on the production of a pre-written, pre-arranged and prepared number of songs which the artist feels, to the best of their estimation, can be performed and recorded in the schedule block of time. If other duties are required, such as those of a producer, additional charges will apply. It is advised that a custom package be designed and agreed upon before demo session is scheduled. It is more economical and has better results.

Session Musician: (plays music to accompany artist, for additional instrumentation or added performance – also for booked performance)

$40.00/first hour  • $15.00/per additional 30 minute intervals

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Music Arranging/Composition/Music Beds or Tracks: (created music to accompany artist, for additional instrumentation or added performance)

$45.00/first hour  • $20.00/per additional 30 minute intervals

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We are often asked the question, “What are your rates?” “How much do you charge?” and “What can $100.00 buy?”

Our clearest explanation is always given by using the “ATTORNEY/LEGAL ADVICE” example. When you require legal advice, an attorney will first consult with you to find out what your needs are and what you hope to accomplish by using his or her services. Every case is unique and involves different levels of care and different lengths of commitment. Whether you are filing for divorce, drafting a will or starting a business, there will be a completely different, specific set of circumstances for the individual in need of service.

A new artist may approach us with the desire to record a simple three song demo – and nothing else. Another artist may have recorded a full length recording, they may have a manager, a booking agent and a tour scheduled, but may be in need of someone to send emails and maintain their social media. We may be approached by a group who needs a producer to keep them under budget and organized during their upcoming recording session of their first release – the scenarios go on and on. It is our goal to design the best package for the artist based on (again) their specific needs – not ours.

We can work with you for a week, a month, 3 months or 6 months at a time. It is completely up to you and your budget. You may need every service we offer. It is our job to design a plan that moves logically with your creativity and smartly with your ability to swim through the waters without drowning. More than anything, we are here to support you and give you what you need at a reasonable pace. The key point in our relationship with any artist – just as it is when you pick an attorney to represent your best interest – is the beginning at the first meeting and consultation. Your needs are discussed, questions are asked, honest/frank answers are given, plans are designed and costs are counted – it’s that simple.

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Here are two simple packages to give an “example” of what services we could offer you at what prices. These are just “examples” – All of our services can be tailored to your needs and can be negotiated based on your available budget. Each can be selected at your choice, but by no means is a “standard” – it is only to show you what is possible through our services:

Basic Social Media/Email Promotions Package

Many artists and bands do not have the time to maintain a constant presence on social media and generate promotional
emails each week regarding their activities, shows and events. We have a simple package that provides this service for you
acting as your on-line promotions team while you worry about your music and your creativity.

Facebook/Twitter Posts (2 per day)
Custom EMail Blasts or Newsletter (1 per week/1 per month)
WordPress Blog Setup and Maintenance (1 Blog Post per week)

$100.00/per week
$900.00/3 month
$1600.00/6 months

Biography/Press Kit/Promo

Professionally Written Biography (1 page, 8.5 x 11 sheet)
Professional Band Photo (Photographer booked 1 hr photo shoot, 3 pose choices, provide Hi-Res digital file)
One band flyer (for upcoming show – after photo shoot)


The examples can go on and on…

ANY COMBINATION OF SERVICES CAN BE CHOSEN TO CREATE CUSTOM PACKAGES – it is completely up to the artist and their needs…

Again, we recommend that you contact us and describe what your needs are and what you would like to accomplish over a specific time period. We will do our best to provide a service that will not only help you move forward, but will also help you get the best for your dollar.

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