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RedCave Media, LLC. in conjunction with Uncle Brown’s Sound Recordings allows it’s contracted artists to release their recorded material under the RedCave Records label in any format the artist feels will gain the most audience and attention. Below are some samples of material recorded and produced at Uncle Brown’s Sound which may be available through multiple online channels or will be available in the near future.

Please listen and enjoy these samples and feel free to contact our office via email if you have interest in a specific artist and would like to purchase their music in any format. We would be glad to provide that information and help promote the music of these talented individuals and groups.

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Kelsey’s recording sessions began between late February and early March of 2015. Her progression and focus steadily increased as time went by showing her growth as a young singer and beginning songwriter. These three tracks – the first, second and third original and complete songs ever written by Hausam, were all composed, arranged and recorded at Uncle Brown’s Sound between March and July of 2015. These tracks will appear with other original music on her upcoming, full length album due to be released by mid-2016.


Check out Kelsey’s sample tracks below:
Secrets (of the Constellations)
I Called Her Wednesday
Kelsey will be releasing some rare tracks in the near future!

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UPDATE: As of March 15th, 2016, the recording and production deal between RedCave Media and Tommy “T-Dizzle” Inscoe has unfortunately been *dissolved.  RedCave Media and Uncle Brown’s Sound Recordings, LLC. will no longer promote or continue recording this artist’s material.  Please contact RedCave Media for further details. Thank You.

Tommy’s recording sessions are no longer in progress. No further information is available at this time.

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Lindsay has been deep in the creative process and involved in the recording process for her full length album since February 2016. We are very excited hearing what she has to offer and know that the fruit of her efforts – in parallel with a long period of inspiration, heartfelt writing, and experiences will have her fully primed for a great, introductory release. Keep your ears ready for her new album expected in the fall/winter of 2016!

UPDATE: Special Promotional Tracks!

Check out Lindsay’s fantastic cover of the 1967 Aretha Franklin classic “I Never Loved a Man the Way that I Love You” – her first promotional “teaser” release  – while we ramp up to complete her new full length record! Listen to her honor the great singer while putting her own unique signature on the track.

As a second promo cut, Lindsay puts her spin on the song “Don’t Get Caught Up in Your Soul” from Richard Hawley’s 2009 studio album, “True Love’s Gutter” This promotional cover was recorded in the early months of 2016 at Uncle Brown’s Sound. As it often happens with Lindsay in the studio, her performance was captured in one take – showing her gifts as a vocal stylist and her ability to quickly make a song – not written or performed by her – completely her own.

Lindsay also delivers her version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” originally recorded by Elvis Presley in 1961. This classic love song is a personal favorite for Lindsay. She keeps the performance very traditional but put her unique signature on this when she was arranging the vocals in the studio. Again, this performance proves that vocal style is incredibly versatile while placing her own flavor on the piece – while paying respects to the original recording.

Check out Lindsay’s promotional cuts below:
I Never Loved a Man the Way that I Love You
Don’t Get Caught Up in Your Soul
Can’t Help Falling in Love With You
Lindsay has MORE (from her upcoming release) coming soon!

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In 2004, an online music website once made this statement about the music from The Bandless Hands: “A number of musical ideas, spirits and influences are all rolled into one solid mass of elements. This mass exists as The Bandless Hands with it’s diverse energy to guide it’s course”.

Between 2000 and the present, composer, producer, and musician Bryon Turcotte has composed instrumental music for film and mix media under the moniker The Bandless Hands. With the help of RedCave Media and his studio Uncle Brown’s Sound, Turcotte is currently working on the re-release of a new full length album which will cover the collection of music The Bandless Hands have produced over a 16 year time span. The samples below give a good example of his studio work over this time period and his passion for sonic chemistry, sample editing, live recording, free style improvisation and audio production. Each piece covers a wide range of musical styles including Folk, Rock, Electronica, Jazz and Trance. The new collection called Reach has an expected release at the end of 2016/early 2017.

Check out some of The Bandless Hands past releases below:
The Right Time
Attention to Sickness
A Bible and a Picture Frame
Come back for some new music coming soon!

To hear the many influences that feed this music…
listen to the full length samples of The Bandless Hands at SoundCloud.

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Jorge is scheduled to begin the recording sessions for his introductory EP in February 2016. This release expects to reach a wide range of listeners and bring multiple cultures together to experience and appreciate Madrigal’s influences and his cultural background.

UPDATE: Jorge’s recording sessions are no longer in progress. No further information is available at this time.

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