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is owned and operated by Bryon Turcotte, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience as a musician (touring/session/studio), producer, (live/studio) engineer, A&R Scout (major label), journalist/writer (nationally published) and artist consultant.

Turcotte spent many years as a musician – touring, working in studios, playing in clubs and larger venues – learning the inner workings of the business from the ground level on up. He has seen many young artists struggle, make mistakes that could be avoided, and wasted time with people who have not walked down the roads they should have to earn the right to give others advice. His experience covers many areas of the journey many musicians and business professionals have taken to get a real education.

Turcotte played in many clubs and on many stages around the country, graduated to studios and sessions as a hired player, learned how to engineer and produce, worked on both sides of the record label business as an A&R scout and an artist rep seeing the good, the bad and the ugly every day, and also wrote about the shows he watched and the artists he loved and supported as a journalist. He has also sat on industry sponsored panel discussions at many music conferences (including NEMO and the Indie Music Forum) speaking to young people about music.

He has walked in a lot of the shoes young musicians are wearing now – so he undoubtably qualifies as a true student of the music business.

Here are a number of published articles and interviews written by him over the past years:

Switchfoot (Interview with Jon Foreman)
Paper Tongues (Interview)
The Mary Dream (Release Review)
What is Digital Media Production? (Article)


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