Our Corporate Services


RedCave Media’s “corporate” branch RedCave PR also serves the needs of individuals and businesses of all sizes outside the music world. RCM offers a subset of promotion, production and multimedia services to individuals and organizations that require help with their overall expansion and growth. As with our artist services, we can design packages that fit the budgets of any individual or business. We will consult with you to set up the best package for your specific needs.

Corporate/Business Services:

• Corporate Writing (Document Creation and Content Creation)
• Social Media Administration (Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus)
• Publicity (Press Releases, Promotional Documentation, Email)
• On-Line Marketing
• Multimedia Production (Radio/Television Ads, Voice-Over,  Jingles, Video)
• Web Content Development

Please contact us to set up a meeting/consultation where we can discuss your project in more detail and come up with a plan that is satisfactory.

Please email our corporate team at redcavepr@gmail.com with your needs an they will get back to you to set up a consultation.

If your needs can be described using the form below, please feel free to contact us using this method:


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